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Ciemnia fotograficzna warsztaty

This voucher allows you to book a 5-hour session of work in our darkroom and pursue your own photography projects.

We have 3 enlargers available, supported formats - from 35mm to 5x4 inches.

This voucher is  for those who are already comfortable working in the darkroom on their own (of course, we are available to help if needed).

All new darkroom users must attend a mandatory 30-minute darkrooms work safety regulations. Those who do not yet have experience working in the darkroom are encouraged to take a beginner's workshop - information at WORKSHOPS

Voucher for 5-hour session of work in the Bizarro Studio darkroom



Ciemnia fotograficzna warsztaty

For those after a basic course who want more!

This intensive darkroom course introduces you to the more advanced techniques used to create exhibition-quality prints.

Workshop schedule:

  • Darkroom work safety regulations and darkroom equipment.
  • Working with multiple contrast filters on one print (split grade printing)
  • Multi-exposure and different contrast "dodging and burning" with note taking
  • Use of "Pre Flashing"
  • Wykorzystanie "Flashing"
  • Do wyboru zegar "f-stop" lub z liniowym czasem naświetlania
  • Jak wykonać płukanie jakości archiwalnej (z testem residual hypo test)

Workshop Voucher "Darkroom for advanced"


To be used for our 3-hour workshop on advanced darkroom techniques.

Ciemnia fotograficzna warsztaty

Have you been taking photos for a while and you want make black and white negatives by yourself?

Learn how to make traditional black and white prints in the darkroom from one of our experts. After this course, you will leave with ready-made prints of your own.


For a detailed description of these workshops see HERE.

Workshop Voucher  "Darkroom for beginners"


To be used for our 3-hour introductory darkroom workshop.

Workshop schedule:

Saturday, 10:00 - 14:00

 We learn how a 35mm analog camera works. You can bring your own or use one of ours.
 We go on a short photo walk and independently expose a roll of black and white film.
We return and develop the film in Bizarro's darkroom.

Sunday, 10:00 - 14:00

🔴Next day we learn how to work in the darkroom and operate the enlarger and make black and white prints from selected negatives.
*Workshops are held on weekends, once or twice a month, the voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
**It is possible to organize this workshop in the form of a single day for min. 2, max 3 people.

Workshop Voucher "Analogue in a nutshell" 450PLN

To be used for our 2-day introductory black and white analog photography workshop- perfect for those starting out on their analog adventure!


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